Faces of the apocalypse


Faces of the Apocalypse is an in-game portrait photography project completed in late 2012. The aim was to photograph the faces of the numerous characters within the video game RAGE. 

The project was originally just going to be a gallery of RAGE photographs, but as I was playing through the story I couldn’t help but notice how unbelievably well made the characters were in comparison to the environments. Sure, you could find some pretty amazing environments.. but more often than not you were hit with some pretty unfortunate textures that would just make you want to pull your hair out. This was though, never the case with the characters for me, they always amazed me.

So once I had finished the campaign, I went back through and took photographs of the people - more specifically their faces. 

Josh Taylor, March 2015

All Photographs taken by Josh Taylor.

Content within photographs property of id Software.