photographies: volume 11, 2018 - Issue 2-3

(This is a repost from my old website. It was originally posted July, 2018) 

A few months ago Professor Winfried Gerling of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam contacted me requesting permission to use some of my in-game photography shots in his upcoming, “Photography in the Digital” article. The focus of his writings would be on the history of photography in the digitized reality, through practices such as in-game photography and the screenshot. This article would be published within the latest volume of photographies, a yearly journal published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. I happily obliged for the use of the shots and by July 19th, 2018 his writings, along with the entire journal had been completed and published to be purchasable on Taylor & Francis Group’s website.


Photography in the digitally created or digitized reality is an everyday activity that is rarely discussed in the context of photographic debates. This refers to practices such as in-game photography or, simpler yet, the screenshot. The paper focuses on their history, the specific status and materiality of these images of screens. Their (hi)story begins with screen image photography of measured data on cathode ray tubes and the photographic capture of x-ray screens. Screenshots and in-game photography can be seen throughout this context but they are camera-less and can therefore be understood and discussed within a long history of experimental photographic practices. Should we speak here at all of photography? If so, what is their photographic specificity? Which image of reality do they provide us?”

Congratulations to Professor Winfried Gerling for having his fantastic writing and study published in photographies. Congratulations to the editor’s of photographies for ten years of publication and curating very thought provoking and high quality papers on the topic of photography. Thank you to both Winfried Gerling, the editor’s of photographies, and Routledge Taylor & Francis Group for having my shots in this year’s journal!

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