How to Photograph the Impossible

“Virtual photography: an oxymoron and a paradox for traditional photographers. But also one of the most significant challenges for art” - @link_ideeperlatv

Recently a new virtual photography article "How to Photograph the Impossible" by Daniele Ferriero, Editor at VICE/Noisey Italia was published online by LINK, an Italian magazine dedicated to TV and media. The article featured thoughts from myself, James Pollock, and Gareth Damian Martin

I greatly encourage you to give it a read, it’s quite thought provoking. Daniele did a wonderful job writing and I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to answer his questions and next to my peers, express some thoughts on virtual photography to an Italian audience. 

You can find more on LINK here or find them in bookstores in Italy via "Against TV / Contro la tv".

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