Contextualized pt.1

As many I'm sure are aware.. the United States is undergoing civil unrest due to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. It is of a magnitude I've never seen in my life and I think it could be argued it would be one perhaps the world has never witnessed either. The protests have encompassed all fifty states and has spread to sixteen countries worldwide. In my small corner of the world - Richmond, Virginia.. this unrest has notably occurred here also with multiple days of protests against police brutality. Richmond, Virginia is also an interesting backdrop to these modern events, as it was the capital of the Confederate States of America and a major slave trade hub during that era. Despite having been defeated 155 years ago, the Confederacy still lingers within the streets of Richmond through it's monuments..

On May 31st, the opportunity arose to capture them in their current state. My intention was in one sense, to document a historical moment.. but also to contextualize visually a series of images that communicate effectively what is being protested against now, amidst the backdrop of an older closely related sadness that has haunted most of this city for generations via these statues. I personally was moved by the sight - on the canvas of hatred, a new future is beckoned.. one that is of love, true equality, and the end of racism.. the hope for a better America.

On June 4th, the day I'm writing this.. Virginia's governor has announced plans to remove the Robert E Lee monument.. a step in the right direction indeed.

These images were featured on 8News WRIC Richmond and RVAMag

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